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Check out Corinne's new best-selling ebook. "Break These Chains of Love: A New Paradigm for Relationship" is available at Amazon.

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Listen to Corinne's interview on Unwavering Strength radio. Corinne talks about her process from grief to joy. Her story, "Resplendent in Death: Gifts from my Mother" will be published September 30th. You can listen to the interview here 

Watch Corinne's TV interview on her latest novel, Walk Like an Egyptian.
Part one is on this page.
Part two is on this page.
Corinne's novel, Walk Like an Egyptian, is available for purchase. You can buy it here.
Corinne's Meditation from the Temple of Love and Joy is free for download. Use it to write from your love and joy today: 

Read Corinne's blog about her experience at Hathor's temple of love and joy in Dendera, Egypt.
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